Question NW3417 to the Minister of Transport

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28 November 2017 - NW3417

Profile picture: Dreyer, Ms AM

Dreyer, Ms AM to ask the Minister of Transport

(a) On what dates were vehicle testing centres inspected in each province in the last three financial years, (b) who undertook these inspections, (c) what were the findings of each respective inspection, (d)(i) which centres passed the inspections and (ii) which centres did not, (e)(i) what are the criteria that are used to ensure these centres pass the inspections and (ii) what criteria are used that ensure that these centres fail the inspections and (f)(i) why did each centre fail the inspections and (ii) what is being done to change this in respect of each centre?


(a) This information is provided in tables 1.1 to 3.9 attached.

(b) The inspections were performed by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) in their capacity as the Inspectorate for Testing Stations.

(c) Due to the volume of data, the findings were summarised and listed in tables 1.1 to 3.9 attached under the columns “Recommendations” and “Comments”.

(d) (i) and (ii) This information is provided in tables 1.1 to 3.9 attached.

(e) (i) and (ii) Vehicle Testing Stations are inspected in accordance with the prescripts of the National Road Traffic Act (93 of 1996) and the Regulations together with the South African National Standards (SANS) referred to in the Act namely SANS 10216:2017 titled Evaluation of Vehicle Test Stations and SANS 10047:2009 titled Testing of motor vehicles for roadworthiness.

(f) (i) This information is provided in tables 1.1 to 3.9 attached.

(ii) Upon conclusion of each inspection the SABS leaves detailed findings with the Management Representative of the vehicle testing station or a suitable person in the absence of the management representative. The vehicle testing station is requested by the SABS to supply proof of evidence that they have applied corrective and preventative action to address the findings as raised during each inspection. In the event that the Inspectorate received no corrective or preventative action, or where such corrective or preventative action is not acceptable, the Inspectorate makes a suitable recommendation to the respective Province. A TS4 recommendation can be regarded as a warning that findings can lead to suspension. A TS5 recommendation is a recommendation for suspension. The final decision to suspend or close the Vehicle Testing Station and any corrective action rests upon the MEC of the Province.