Question NW9 to the Minister of Basic Education

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04 March 2015 - NW9

Profile picture: Madisha, Mr WM

Madisha, Mr WM to ask the Minister of Basic Education

(1) Whether the intensive investigation that she promised on 4 December 2014 to remedy the serious and alarming deficits that the 2014 annual national assessments (ANA) showed in respect of Grade 9 mathematics were now in place and communicated to all schools for implementation; if not, why not; if so, what were these radical interventions; (2) Will she make a statement on (a) which interventions she is seeking from individuals in society and (b) the private sector that were in a position to dramatically improve the perennially hopeless situation of mathematics in our state schools?



▪ The Department of Basic Education (DBE) conducted an intensive diagnostic analysis of learner performance in the Grade 9 Mathematics ANA tests. The findings have been succinctly documented in the 2014 ANA Diagnostic Report.
▪ Copies of the 2014 Diagnostic report highlighting challenges that learners are experiencing in terms of Grade 9 Mathematics content have been printed and distributed to all public and independent schools.
▪ The DBE is currently conducting roadshows with all provincial and district officials involving the mediation of the 2014 ANA diagnostic report in Mathematics.
▪ Further, the DBE is currently hosting General Education and Training (GET) Mathematics subject committee meetings to focus on subject improvement plans in grade 9 Mathematics based on the findings of the 2014 ANA Diagnostic Report in Mathematics.
▪ The DEE in partnership with the Sasol lnzalo foundation has developed material in key content areas of Grade 9 Mathematics which has been mediated to all Senior Phase Mathematics subject advisors.
▪ The 1+4 Intervention Model is one of the key features of the Framework for improving performance in the Senior Phase.

(2) (b) There is an MST Roundtable that is scheduled for the 19 March 2015 in the Department of Basic Education. A total of 80 representatives from the NGO sector, universities, DHET, DST and DBE that support and/or have interest on issues relating to the MST in Education in the country are envisaged to be invited to attend the 3d MST in Education Roundtable. The purpose of the MST Roundtable is for the Minister to outline the Strategic Direction of Government in Enhancing MST Performance.

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