Question NW3281 to the Minister in the Presidency

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28 November 2017 - NW3281

Profile picture: Stander, Ms T

Stander, Ms T to ask the Minister in the Presidency

(1)(a) What number of incidents of contraventions of (i) supply chain management and (ii) the Public Finance Management Act, Act 1 of 1999, were identified in her department (aa) in each of the past three financial years and (bb) since 1 April 2017 and (b) what are the relevant details of each incident, including the dates, amounts and names of the persons involved; (2) whether disciplinary processes were instituted in each case; if not, in each case, why not; if so, in each case, what are the relevant details of the (a)(i) action taken and (ii) progress thereof, (b) relief sought and (c) projected conclusion date; (3) whether any measures have been put in place to ensure that contraventions of supply chain management and the specified Act are prevented in the future; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details of the measures and implementation status in each case?


1. (a) (i) Number of incidents of contravention of supply chain management are as follows:

aa) 2014-15 financial year – 18 cases

2015-16 financial year – 95 cases

2016-17 financial year – 60 cases

bb) 2017-18 financial year – 12 cases

(ii) There are no cases of contravention of the Public Finance Management Act for the period requested.

a) Not applicable.

2. Not applicable.

3. The following measures have been implemented in the supply chain management arena:

    1. The supply chain management policy was redone and approved on 29 August 2017 with implementation date of 01 September 2017.
    2. Standard Operation Procedures on supply chain management is in the final stage of review.
    3. The demand management planning has been included in the departmental integrated planning process of the APP and operational plan.
    4. Supply chain management training was conducted during October 2017 for all supply chain management officials.
    5. The corrective steps are monitored as part of the audit improvement plan on a monthly basis.



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