Question NW3641 to the Minister of Trade and Industry

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14 November 2017 - NW3641

Profile picture: Mente, Ms NV

Mente, Ms NV to ask the Minister of Trade and Industry

With reference to his reply to question 3174 on 30 October 2017, of the service providers and contractors from which his department or entities reporting to his department procured services in the past five years (a) how many of these service providers are black-owned entities, (b) what contract was each of the black-owned service providers awarded and (c) what amount was each black-owned service provider paid?


Due to the detailed information requested for the department and its entities per order issued during the past 5 years it will unfortunately not be possible to provide a meaningful response within the limited time frame allowed in responding to Parliamentary questions.

The information requested is not readily available and supporting documents will have to be requested from archives filed off site.

Further to that it should also be noted that the BEE status level as requested per supplier will not cover the 5 year period and that the department previously recorded and reported on the HDI status of suppliers. The software system that was used at that stage is no longer in existence as it has been discontinued with the implementation of the Central Supplier Database hosted at National Treasury.

Based on the above it is proposed that the department be allowed more time to gather information and that a response be submitted directly to the member.

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