Question NW3374 to the Minister of Transport

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06 November 2017 - NW3374

Profile picture: Hunsinger, Mr CH

Hunsinger, Mr CH to ask the Minister of Transport

(1)(a) What number of the (i) 70 Vossloh Espana-built locomotives were delivered to South Africa and (ii) specified locomotives were damaged, (b) (i) when, (ii) how and (iii) at what repair cost was each locomotive damaged and (c) what amount has been paid to a certain company (details furnished) up until the last delivery of locomotives; (2) has the specified company been approached to pay back the money that was paid to it; if not, why not; if so, by what date?


(1) (a) (i) PRASA received 13 locomotives

(ii) One locomotive was damaged

(b) (i) The damage occurred on 18 August 2015

(ii) as a result of a derailment at Modderrivier outside Kimberly

(iii) The cost of repairs are estimated at R50 million; the final figure could not be established due to the current legal proceedings.

(c) PRASA has paid R2.6 billion to the supplier of the locomotive

(2) PRASA has issued a summons against the said company for repayment of the R2.6 billion.

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