Question NW3373 to the Minister of Transport

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06 November 2017 - NW3373

Profile picture: Hunsinger, Mr CH

Hunsinger, Mr CH to ask the Minister of Transport

(1)What is the total number of control operators, train control supervisors, CCTV operators, system supervisors, technical supervisors, maintenance technicians, CIS operators, security and supporting staff currently employed at the Gauteng Nerve Centre rail signalling system; (2) whether the (a) integrated communication module, (b) trunk radio and Global System for Mobile Communications – Railway, (c) Overhead Track Equipment monitoring system and (d) CCTV monitoring of stations system are fully operational; if not, in each case, why not?


1. The total number of:

    1. Control operators is 158
    2. Train control supervisors is 106
    3. CCTV operators is 17
    4. System supervisors is20
    5. Technical supervisors is 48
    6. Maintenance technicians is 909
    7. CIS operators is 20
    8. Security is 701 (Internal PRASA Staff); and
    9. Supporting staff currently employed at the Gauteng Nerve Centre rail signaling system = 9 Other support staff are not sitting directly in the GNC and are not included in the nine. Negotiations are underway with labour on their migration to the GNC.

2. (a) Integrated communication module

PRASA has the following communications systems which are currently used in train communications systems and also planned to be used in future:

  1. Trunk radio communications: Communications between Train Driver to Train Control Officer
    1. GRM-R (Global System for mobile communication in Railway) will be used for communications between Train Drivers to Train Control Officer. (The system is yet to be handed over to the regions).
  2. OTN (Optic telecommunications network) for signalling transmissions network which is being rolled out on the re-signalling project.
  3. Rail Communications system which is meant for the Public Address system and which need to undergo a major repairs within Gauteng region.
  4. LAN LINES (fixed telephones which are used for communications by Train Control Officers and Train drivers and are recorded).
  5. Integrated System Access control Management Systems (ISAMS) the project is ongoing and handed over in Tshwane region.
  6. Email Communications systems for the end user broader communications in PRASA.

All these communications systems except trunk radio systems are transmitted by the optic fibre backbone meaning any failure to the optic fibre network it will affect communications provided no redundancy in place. The systems are also power depended for an effective communications.

(b) Trunk Radio and Global System for Mobile Communications – Railway,

  1. Trunk Radio : Gauteng North the system is working fully. In Gauteng South the system has just been repaired and the new hand set bought. They are being programmed and the system will be fully operational 11th November 2017
  2. Global System for Mobile Communications: Not in place. PRASA is in the process of commissioning GSMR

(c) Overhead Track Equipment monitoring system and

There is no overhead Track Equipment Monitoring System but there is a power supply monitoring system (Telecontrol) and is working in full giving on line real time monitoring information.

(d) CCTV monitoring of stations system;

The CCTV monitoring system is fully operational in major junction stations and centers with the exception of some of the smaller stations where they are installed but not linked to the respective control rooms for monitoring due to repeated cable theft incidents.

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