Question NW2889 to the Minister of Labour

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16 October 2017 - NW2889

Profile picture: Gqada, Ms T

Gqada, Ms T to ask the Minister of Labour

Which is the detailed (a) breakdown of and (b) valuation for current and non-current assets and investments held by her (i) department and (ii) each entity reporting to her according to (aa) listed assets (aaa) directly held and (bbb) indirectly held and (bb) unlisted investments (aaa) directly held and (bbb) indirectly held by each of the entities, in each case breaking the current assets and investments down by 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months and beyond 12 months?


1. With respect to sub-questions (a), (b) the response is “NONE”.

2. With respect to the remaining sub-questions, kindly be advised that the information that the Honourable Member seeks is contained in much greater details in the 2016/17 Annual Reports of the Department and its entities. Accordingly I respectfully refer the member to the annual reports mentioned above. NW3196E

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