Question NW2065 to the Minister of Water and Sanitation

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03 July 2015 - NW2065

Profile picture: Basson, Mr LJ

Basson, Mr LJ to ask the Minister of Water and Sanitation

(1)What is the total cost of the project to raise the wall of the Clanwilliam Dam in the Western Cape; (2) which company was appointed as supervisor of the project; (3) is the company a professional service provider (PSP) for her department; if not, why was the company appointed; if so, (a) when was the company appointed as a PSP and (b) in which category; (4) what are the project value parameters for each category of PSP as stipulated by her department?


(1) The total cost of the Olifants-Doorn River Water Resources Project (Raising of Clanwilliam Dam wall) is estimated to be R2.2 billion. This amount excludes the relocation of the N7, the relocation of the secondary road, cost for land acquisition, construction engineering supervising costs, Project Management costs, heritage expert costs, Environmental Impact Assessment Practitioner, Environmental Control Officer, Hydro-power plant over and above the civil structure, communications, and escalation (inflation).

(2) Bigen Africa Services (Pty) Ltd was appointed for construction supervision and contract management of the project. Two more emerging companies, namely Tlou Integrated Tech cc and Batseta Engineering Services (BES Africa Engineering and Management Consulting (Pty) Ltd), from the panel were appointed for developmental and transformational purposes to work under the stewardship of Bigen Africa. This is intended to ensure that the scope is not entirely allocated to one Professional Services Provider (PSP) and that the technical expertise of a developed PSP (Bigen Africa) is used to develop emerging enterprises that are owned and managed by Historically Disadvantaged Individuals (HDIs).

(3) Bigen Africa Services (Pty) Ltd is part of the panel of PSPs that was created by the Department, (a) in 2013 under Contract WP0485-WTE (b) in Category five (5).

(4) The guideline project value thresholds is as follows:


Projects with a value between


R0 up to R10,0 million


R10.1 million up to R50 million


R50,1 million up to R100 million


R100.1 million up to R250 million


R250.1 million up to R500 million


R500.1 million - unlimited

It should be noted that the above thresholds are only a guideline. The final Category chosen is determined based on the project’s scope and is determined, amongst others, the type of project, its complexity, its timeframes, developmental and transformational outputs to be achieved and the experience of companies in each of the categories.


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