Question NW2731 to the Minister of Finance

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06 October 2017 - NW2731

Profile picture: Ross, Mr DC

Ross, Mr DC to ask the Minister of Finance

Whether a certain company (Jim Aviation SA) plays any role with regard to the contract concluded between SA Airways Technical and a certain company (Allen Aircraft Radio Corporation); if so, (a) what are the full details of the (i) role that the specified company is playing and (ii) value of its involvement in the specified contract and (b) who are the (i) directors and (ii) shareholders of the specified company?


JM Aviation was, as at the time of the tender submission, and still is a BEE partner of AAR. SAA is not privy to the commercial agreement between AAR and JM Aviation and thus is not in a position to respond to the specifics around each party’s role with regard to the contract concluded between SAAT and AAR/JM Aviation. SAAT’s interactions in accordance with the contract are through a dedicated individual who is tasked with the client liaison and quarterly contract review.

a.(i) Not applicable.

a.(ii) Not applicable.

b.(i) Miss M.V. Sokhulu

       Miss I.N. Louw

       Mr V.A. Ndzeku

       Mr J. Aires

b.(ii) Miss M.V. Sokhulu: 35%

        Miss I.N. Louw: 30%

        Mr V.A. Ndzeku: 20%

        Mr J. Aires: 15%

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