Question NW2648 to the Minister of Energy

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27 September 2017 - NW2648

Profile picture: Gqada, Ms T

Gqada, Ms T to ask the Minister of Energy

(1) With reference to page. 36 financial performance overview report which indicates that her department underspent R30 million in the 4th quarter of the 2016-17 financial year due to delays in concluding collaboration agreements with selected municipalities, (a) what are the names of the municipalities, (b) what amount was underspent in each municipality and (c) how will the department rectify this understanding; (2) (a) what were the reasons for the underspending of R35,99 Million under the Electrification, Energy Program and Projects Management, as indicated on page 36 of her department’s performance overview report and (b) what is the department doing to rectify this?


(1)(a) The names of the municipalities are as follows:

  • Ventersdorp/ Tlokwe Local Municipality;
  • Sol Plaatje Local Municipality; and

(b) The Department underspent in Ventersdorp/ Tlokwe Local Municipality by R 15, 410, 000.00 and in Sol Plaatje Local Municipality by R 15, 410, 000.00

and (c) the Department will conduct provincial, district and Local workshops in order to capacitate municipalities on the implementation aspects of programme and further increase municipal enrolment in the programme.

(2)(a)The release of payments in Non-Grid Electrification programme was delayed due to physical verification that had to be performed by the Department for installed Solar

Home Systems prior to the disbursement of payments. (b) To improve the situation, verifications of installations will be undertaken as part of programme management and not at the end when an invoice is received.

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