Question NW1895 to the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform

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26 September 2017 - NW1895

Profile picture: Mashabela, Ms N

Mashabela, Ms N to ask the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform

Whether (a) his department and (b) each entity reporting to him appointed transaction advisors for tenders in the period 1 January 2012 to 31 December 2016; if so, (i) who were the transaction advisors that were appointed for the tenders, (ii) for which tenders were they appointed, (iii) what was the pricing for the tenders in question and (iv) what amount were the transaction advisors paid?


Department / Entity



Name of transaction advisors


Tenders appointed for


Pricing for tenders


Amount paid to transaction advisors from 01 Jan 2012 to 31 Dec 2016


2004 to date

SPP Project Solutions Pty (Ltd)

Appointment of transactional advisor for the procurement of a suitable and sustainable services working environment (new head office) through a public private partnership

PPP project value R1 772 327 000

Transactional advisor contract value

R10 585 443.00

(Including VAT excluding disbursements

R5 534 878.50

(b) Entities


Source file