Question NW2081 to the Minister of Labour

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28 August 2017 - NW2081

Profile picture: Rawula, Mr T

Rawula, Mr T to ask the Minister of Labour

Whether (a) her department and/or (b) any entities reporting to her are funding, including by way of discretionary funding, any institution of research and development (i) domestically and/or (ii) internationally; if so, (aa)(aaa) what are the names of the specified institutions and (bbb) what are their functions, (bb) from what date has her department or any entity reporting to her been funding them and (cc) what amount has her department contributed towards such funding


1. The Department funds entities under its purview and the entities do commission research from time to time as part of their operational requirements.

2. The department does conduct research on various topics that relates to operational requirements more so when developing policies.

3. The details of research that the department and its entities conduct, will find expression in the annual reports.


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