Question NW2221 to the Minister of Mineral Resources

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25 August 2017 - NW2221

Profile picture: Lorimer, Mr JR

Lorimer, Mr JR to ask the Minister of Mineral Resources

(1)Whether he has been informed that the Kwazamakuhle clinic in Hendrina in Mpumalanga, one of the social and labour commitments of a certain company (name furnished) in the area, has failed to open on schedule due to the specified company’s failure to pay the contractors of the clinic; if not, what steps will his department take to investigate; if so, what are the relevant details; (2) (a) on what date (i) was the clinic supposed to open and (ii) will the clinic open and (b) what are the full reasons for the delay in opening the clinic; (3) whether his department has taken any steps to ensure that the specified company’s social and labour plan goals are delivered in the specified area; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details?


1. Yes, however there is a dispute between the company and contractor of which the matter is currently in court.

2. (a)(i) January 2017

(ii) yes

(b) There is a dispute between the company and the contractor, and the Department is awaiting the court ruling on this matter.

(3) Yes, several meeting were held with both the company and the contractor


Approved/Not Approved

Mr MJ Zwane, MP

Minister of Mineral Resources

Date Submitted:-……………/………………/2017

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