Question NW1753 to the Minister of Energy

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11 August 2017 - NW1753

Profile picture: Marais, Mr EJ

Marais, Mr EJ to ask the Minister of Energy

Does (a) she, (b) her Deputy Minister or (c) any of the heads of entities or bodies reporting to her make use of security services paid for by the State for (i) him/herself, (ii) his/her immediate family members or (iii) any of their staff members; in each case (aa) what are the reasons for it, (bb) from which department or entity’s budget is the security services being paid, and (cc) what are the relevant details?


(a) (i) The Minister of Energy and the (b) Deputy Minister make use of security services paid for by the state. (ii) the Minister as well as the Deputy Minister’s immediate families do not make use of any security services paid for by the state (iii) as well as staff members (aa) it is in compliance with the Cabinet decision of 7 December 2007, (bb) the South African Police Services (SAPS), (cc) According to the Ministerial Handbook of 2007, chapter 2, paragraph 3.1, 3.3 and 3.4 the Minister has complied with what is stipulated in the Ministerial Handbook. The Minister was allocated with VIP Protectors from SAPS in compliance with provisions in the Ministerial Handbook.

(c) I am informed that only the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of the Central Energy Fund are provided with close protection services in accordance to a threat assessment done in December 2016 by Resurgent Risk Managers (Pty) Ltd with their respective assessments, (ii) none of the immediate family members nor (iii) staff members make use of security services paid for by the state, (cc) the risk arose after the Strategic Fuel Fund contract review commenced.

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