Question NW1968 to the Minister of Economic Development

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31 July 2017 - NW1968

Profile picture: Atkinson, Mr P

Atkinson, Mr P to ask the Minister of Economic Development

What role does a certain person (name and details furnished) play as a South African representative of Startup Nations, a programme run by the Global Entrepreneurship Network and (b) how is this reflected in the programmes and policies of (i) the Industrial Development Corporation and (ii) his department?


I am advised by the IDC that Start-Up Nations South Africa is a platform for the IDC to assist in establishing and developing a conducive environment for entrepreneurs and the promotion of entrepreneurship in South Africa, particularly in support of increasing youth enterprise applications. The IDC is a founding member of the programme. The IDC has motivated its participation in this programme as providing support to develop the IDC’s bankable pipeline of businesses to be supported and financed with regards to youth, women, Black Industrialists, B-BBEE, localization, rural development and township economy projects amongst others. Ms Mmodi Rambau-Nesengani is the appointed IDC representative to the Start-Up Nations SA programme.



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