Question NW1717 to the Minister of Economic Development

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31 July 2017 - NW1717

Profile picture: James, Ms LV

James, Ms LV to ask the Minister of Economic Development

Whether any staff of (a) his department and (b) each entity reporting to him were awarded any contracts or agreements to conduct business with any state entity in the (i) 2014-15, (ii) 2015-16 and (iii) 2016-17 financial years; if so, what are the (aa)(aaa) names and (bbb) professional designations of the staff members and (bb)(aaa) details of the contract(s) and/or agreement(s) awarded and (bbb) amounts in each case?


a) I am advised that the management of the Department (EDD); the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC); International Trade Administration Commission (ITAC) and Competition Tribunal are not aware of any contracts that were awarded to staff members in the above mentioned financial years, and to the best of their knowledge, no contracts were awarded to staff members.

b) Mr Nkhumeleni, a Case Administrator at the Competition Commission, provided stationery to the Department of Forestry and fisheries in the 2016/17 financial. The amount involved amounted to R41 000.



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