Question NW614 to the Minister of Social Development

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19 June 2017 - NW614

Profile picture: Wilson, Ms ER

Wilson, Ms ER to ask the Minister of Social Development

What (a) steps (i) have been taken or (ii) are envisaged for the SA Social Development Agency to run a competitive bidding process to appoint a new contractor or contractors for the payment of social grants and (b) is the timeframe for this to take place?


(a) (i) (ii) The Bid Specification Committee has been appointed and it is in a process of developing draft specification which will be tabled to the Bid Adjudication Committee for approval.

(b)The timeframe set are as follows:

  • The procumbent process: July- September 2017
  • Phase-out Negotiations with CPS: November 2017
  • Setting up by the new Service Provider November 2017

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