Question NW1093 to the Minister of Environmental Affairs

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19 June 2017 - NW1093

Profile picture: Hadebe, Mr TZ

Hadebe, Mr TZ to ask the Minister of Environmental Affairs

(a) What is the estimated cost for the construction of the Shangoni Gate accommodation and tourist complex in Giyani, (b) what is the budget for the upgrade of roads within the Kruger National Park, (c) will the roads be tarred, and (d) will the gate facilitate (i) entry and (ii) exit to Mozambique for local and foreign nationals?


(a) The estimated construction cost (2017) for the Shangoni Entrance Gate, tourism facilities (Camping site, tented site and picnic site) and tar road is R263 million.

(b) The current funding available is R25 million.

(c) Yes, the roads will be tarred.

(d) The new Shangoni Entrance gate will be used for (i) entry and (ii) exit of all guests visiting the park. We do not have a requirement nor mechanism to segregate entry into Park for nationals on the one hand and foreign nationals on the other.


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