Question NW1474 to the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform

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13 June 2017 - NW1474

Profile picture: Walters, Mr TC

Walters, Mr TC to ask the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform

By what date will the forensic report of the National Forensic Services investigation into conflict on the Nirwanda Farm in the Hex River Valley be made public; (2) What is his position regarding the recommendations contained in the specified forensic report that (a) a criminal investigation be conducted on alleged corruption between the current and former officials of his department and certain entities, (b) disciplinary action be taken against an official from his department, (c) investigations be conducted on other projects where certain entities (names furnished) have been appointed as a strategic partner, (d) a legal opinion be sought on how to regularise the Nirwanda Progressive Land Acquisition Policy Project and (e) civil claims be instituted for the recovery of funds due to his department; (3) Whether any other officials are also implicated in alleged irregularities at Nirwanda; if so, what are the relevant details in each case?


1. The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform has referred this matter for criminal investigation by the relevant law enforcement agencies. As such, the report will not be made public yet.

2. The Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform instructed the recommendations as per the forensic report be implemented and as such:

 a) Please refer to part (1) above.

 b) Disciplinary action has been instituted against the implicated official who is still in the employ of the Department.

c) The Department has instituted preliminary investigations as per the recommendations of the forensic investigation report.

d) A Senior Counsel opinion is being obtained in this regard.

 e) Please refer to part (2)(d) above.

3. Please refer to part (2)(b) above.

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