Question NW861 to the Minister of Social Development

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11 May 2017 - NW861

Profile picture: Masango, Ms B

Masango, Ms B to ask the Minister of Social Development

(1)Whether, with reference to her reply to question 3797 on 12 November 2015, the specified matter has been finalised; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, (2) why did the SA Social Security Agency accept confirmation that Cash Paymaster Services will only charge for the registration of other beneficiaries and not for (a) children and (b) procurators; (3) with reference to her reply to the specified question, is the statement that the re-registration of all beneficiaries, children and procurators part and parcel of the long-term, not a contradiction of the statement that the extension and the inclusion of the children and procurators at the same time that enrolment was taking place was agreed to in a management meeting held in June 2012, within the same document?


This matter is still before the Gauteng High Court.

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