Question NW843 to the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services

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24 April 2017 - NW843

Profile picture: Selfe, Mr J

Selfe, Mr J to ask the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services

(1) Was the position of Director: Policy and Research: Remand Detention Systems at the Head Office of his department advertised; if so, (a) on what date was the specified position advertised and (b) where; (2) how many applications were received for the relevant position; (3) (a) how many persons were shortlisted and (b) what are the relevant details of the shortlisted persons, including (i) names, (ii) relevant qualifications and (iii) previous experience; (4) (a) how was the panel that determined the shortlisting constituted and (b) what criteria were used to determine which persons were shortlisted?


1. Yes

(a) 27 December 2015

(b) Sunday Times and Departmental website

2. 68 Applications

3 (a) 7

3 (b) Names, relevant qualification and experience are reflected below:




Relevant Qualification

Previous Experience


Mathabathe P M

  • Matric Certificate
  • Master’s Degree in Criminology
  • BA Honours (Penelogy)
  • Diploma in Correctional Services
  • 8 years Deputy Director (Parliament of South Africa)
  • Lecture  University of Fort Hare
  • Research Assistant ( UNISA)


Moodley S

  • Matric Certificate
  • Masters in Social Development
  • BA Social Work
  • DCS Management Development Programme
  • 4 years Deputy Director Offender Assessment Directorate Risk Profile Management: Branch incarceration and Corrections (Department of Correctional Services)


Naidoo R

  • Matric Certificate
  • Bachelor of Paedogogics (Arts)
  • Bachelor of Education
  • Masters of Arts ( Social Behaviour Studies in HIV/AIDS)
  • Masters Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • Programme in Project Management
  • Department of Correctional Services (1996/04/01-current)
  • Department of Education ( Educator Grade 9-12)


Nhlapo TMS

  • Matric Certificate
  • Masters of Development and Management.
  • BA Honours Development & Management
  • National Diploma in Correctional Service Management
  • Certificate in Professional Skill Development
  • Department of Correctional Services ( 1986- to date) Groenpunt Maximum as Centre Coordinator Corrections 2009 - current
  • Groenpunt Maximum Correctional Centre (2005-2009) as Centre Coordinator Operational Support
  • Harrismith Correctional Centre (2001-2005) Head of Correctional Centre


Nyongwane JK

  • Matric Certificate
  • B. Com(Business Management and Industrial Psychology)
  • National Diploma in Nursing
  • Department of Correctional Services (2005 to date)as Deputy Director ( Regional Coordinator Health Care Services )
  • 1997- 2005 Assistant Director  Provincial Head Health Care Services in Department of Correctional Services
  • 1990-1997 as Lieutenant in Department of Correctional Services
  • 1981-1990 Custodial officer


Pienaar WJ

  • Matric Certificate
  • B-Tech in Correctional Services Management
  • National Diploma in Correctional Services Management
  • Certificate in Project management
  • 2007 to date Department of Correctional Services (Deputy Director Supervision services)
  • July 2002 till 31 October 2007 (Assistant director Correctional Supervision)
  • 01 June1995 till 30 June 2002 Head Monitoring (Acting Head Community Corrections : Port Shepstone Management Area)
  • 01 March 1993 -31 May 1995(Chairperson of Institutional Committee.
  • 01 January 1991 – 28 February 1993 ( Reception /Records Clerk)


Serakalala V

  • Matric Certificate
  • BA Honours in Political Science
  • BA in Public Administration and Political Studies
  • 2014 to date Deputy Director: SDI in Department of Correctional Services.
  • 2005 / 2014 Deputy Director Policy Alignment in Department of Correctional Services
  • 2002/2005 Public Relation Officer  at National Council of the Blind

4 (a) The panel was determined based in line with the Public Service Regulation, 2016 and the departmental delegation of authority as follows:

  • Mr W Damons Acting CDC: Remand Detention (Chairperson)
  • Mr E Khoza Acting CDC: Human Resources
  • Ms TM Motlonye DC: Personal Corrections
  • Ms DL Moeketsana HR Practitioner

4 (b) Basic criteria

  • Basic criteria (Application form (Z83, internal) attached, Application form signed, SA Citizen, Criminal Record indication on Z83 or CV. Certification not older than 3 months, copy of certified ID and qualifications, CV attached if Z83 is not fully completed}.
  • Degree in Public/Business Management or equivalent qualification
  • 5 years Middle management experience in a similar environment.
  • Valid driver’s licence (unless PWD)
  • Employment Equity target: African Female, Coloured Females & Indian Female (Level 13)

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