Question NW840 to the Minister of Higher Education and Training

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20 April 2017 - NW840

Profile picture: Bara, Mr M R

Bara, Mr M R to ask the Minister of Higher Education and Training

With regard to his reply to question 1763 on 18 October 2016, how did each international trip undertaken by management executives of the Transport Education and Training Authority (a) directly and (b) indirectly contribute to increasing the number of beneficiaries of skills training?


Commonwealth Lawyers Association Conference April 2016

The corporate governance of Sector Education and Training Authorities is an integral part of the implementation of the Skills Development Act, 1998. The Company Secretary shared with all 54 Commonwealth countries the challenges and opportunities associated with corporate governance in South Africa and in turn gained experience of corporate governance in other countries. This experience manifested in focused advice to the Board and in turn proper decisions taken to ensure that Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA) management implement the mandate of government as per the national priorities.

World Maritime University (WMU) Graduation, TETA 2016 Cohort orientation + 2015 Cohort Farewell and Lund University discussions - November 2015

The World Maritime University (WMU) trained 18 Learners at postgraduate level with another 10 learners ready for intake in the 2017 calendar year. The South African Qualifications Authority has since recognised the University with the result that the relationship between TETA and WMU will continue to address Operation Phakisa imperatives.

The relationship between TETA and WMU fits squarely within government’s priorities in maritime (Operation Phakisa) and more learners will be afforded the opportunity of acquiring skills in this field.

GIBS International Leadership Development Programme (ILDP) and International Executive Development Programme (IEDP) Global Immersion Report January 2016

100 Transport sector employees were trained in the International Leadership Development Programme, which included an international leg and a further 25 transport sector employees were trained in the International Executive Development Programme.

Wits Business School Strategic International Board Leadership Programme August 2015

The Boards of all SETAs comprise of employer representatives as well as organised labour and, in TETA’s instance, employees within the transport sector. 18 Learners within the sector have benefitted from this programme.

This Programme was aimed at enhancing the Board and Senior Management’s capabilities in implementing the Skills Development mandate. Emanating from this programme, the management and Board has established an essential, beneficial relationship that will serve the greater purpose of enhancing the performance of TETA as per the Service Level Agreement signed with the Department of Higher Education and Training.

International Maritime Organisation

This visit is linked to the World Maritime University, a University established under the auspices of the International Maritime Organisation (United Nations).

Panama August 2016

TETA had invested an amount of R202 million into the now defunct Fidentia, which funds were meant for skills development. Upon the Curator having been appointed to handle the affairs of Fidentia, TETA received an amount of R33 million in the first Curator’s report. A further amount of R15 million is likely to be paid into TETA’s accounts upon acceptance of the Liquidation and Distribution account by the Master of the High Court. This amount will be reinvested into skills development.

R8 million of the R33 million received by TETA was reinvested into the World Maritime University programme with the result that 10 learners from the transport sector, as seconded by SAMSA, were funded to undertake postgraduate learning at the University. The visit was aimed at following some of the money Fidentia channelled outside the shores of South Africa for purposes of re-investing it into skills programmes.

Cranfield and Plymouth August 2016

A leadership development programme aimed only at women has been established in collaboration with Cranfield University. In 2017, TETA has committed to send 20 women to Cranfield University in the United Kingdom for this particular purpose.

Mozambique TETA/Indub Litigation April 2016

This is part of litigation and the matter is still sub judice. Should the Courts find in favour of TETA, the savings generated will be reinvested into skills development.

Road Safety Study Tour

TETA has partnered with the Road Traffic Infringement Agency to roll out road safety programmes in the country resembling the lessons learnt on the trip. This programme will benefit a considerable number of beneficiaries and is aimed at addressing the carnage on South Africa’s roads.

Students for Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE)

TETA as advocates for SMME development and supporting small growing institutions has established a need to look at extending its scope to support high school pupils, college and university students in their entrepreneurial ideas and innovations. To this end, TETA has adopted 54 schools across the provinces of South Africa. The programme is aimed at supporting the schools with Mathematics, Science and Technology. A small business development strategy has since been adopted by the TETA Board with the result that many small companies are currently being supported.











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