Question NW923 to the Minister of Home Affairs

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20 April 2017 - NW923

Profile picture: Lotriet, Dr  A

Lotriet, Dr A to ask the Minister of Home Affairs

(1)Whether there is any position of (a) chief executive officer, (b) chief financial officer and/or (c) chief operating officer that is currently vacant in each entity reporting to him; if so, (i) how long has each specified position been vacant and (ii) what is the reason for each vacancy; (2) have the vacancies been advertised; if so, (a) were interviews done and (b) on what date will the vacancies be filled; (3) (a) what is the total number of persons who are currently employed in the specified positions in an acting capacity, (b) for what period has each person been acting in each position and (c) has any of the specified persons applied for the positions?


The question was forwarded to the Department and the entities who responded as follows:

Department of Home Affairs

(1)(a) No

(1)(b) No

(1)(c) No

(2) Not applicable

3) Not applicable

Government Printing Works

(1)(a)(i) 11 months

(1)(a)(ii) Departure of former incumbent

(1)(b)(i) Not applicable

(1)(b)(ii) Not applicable

(1)(c)(i) Not applicable

(1)(c)(ii) Not appplicable

(2)(a) Recruitment process to commence

(2)(b) In the coming few months

(3)(a) 1

(3)(b) 11 months

(3)(c) Not applicable

Electoral Commission

(1)(a)(i-ii) Became vacant on 1 April 2017 following the departure of Mr. Moepya, who was employed on a fixed term contract.

(1)(b) The role of Chief Financial Officer was allocated to the Senior Manager: Financial Administration, Ms Rowley-Withey, when she was appointed. She retained the role when promoted to Deputy CEO: Corporate Services on 1 March 2014. The Commission has since taken a decision to separate the two roles and fixed-term appointment will soon be made in respect of the role of chief financial officer.

(1)(c) Not applicable

(2) The vacancy for the CEO has not as yet been advertised as it only fell vacant on 1 April 2017, the Commission is yet to consider the process and period for recruitment of the CEO but will do so at its next scheduled meeting.

(3)(a) One.

(3)(b) The Deputy Chief Electoral Officer responsible for Electoral Operations is acting in the post of CEO, whilst the process to fill the post is undertaken.

(3)(c) The process has not yet begun.

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