Question NW745 to the Minister of Environmental Affairs

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10 April 2017 - NW745

Profile picture: Purdon, Mr RK

Purdon, Mr RK to ask the Minister of Environmental Affairs

What is the total number of rhinos in the Kruger National Park that (a) died from drought conditions in 2016, (b) were killed illegally through poaching, (c) were translocated and to where and (d) were sold?


(a) A total of 190 rhinos died from natural causes during 2016. This natural mortality includes deaths due to the drought and increased fighting amongst rhino males as a result of drought.

(b) A total of 662 rhinos were illegally killed in the Kruger National Park during 2016.

(c) Eleven rhinos were translocated internally in the Kruger National Park for security reasons in 2016. Twenty one (21) rhino orphans were rescued in 2016 and 19 are currently still alive at rhino holding facilities in the Kruger National Park and an external rhino rehabilitation centre. We cannot share locations for security reasons.

(d) A total of 106 rhinos were sold in 2016 from the Kruger National Park to two owners in the Northern Cape (further details cannot be made available for security reasons). Follow-up visits to these properties were done in November 2016 and the rhino translocations were successful.


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