Question NW387 to the Minister of Higher Education and Training

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16 March 2017 - NW387

Profile picture: Van der Westhuizen, Mr AP

Van der Westhuizen, Mr AP to ask the Minister of Higher Education and Training

(1) Whether a representative of his department accepted a memorandum highlighting various issues of concern regarding the Maluti Technical and Vocational Education and Training College in April 2016; if so, (2) whether his department attended to (a) any of the issues raised and (b) the request for investigation or a forensic investigation; if not, in each case, why not; if so, what were the findings in each case; (3) whether his department intends to convey its decision to the members of staff who handed over the memorandum; if not, why not; if so, by what date?


(1) The Department received a memorandum from the Maluti Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) College dated 6 April 2016. The Director-General and senior managers visited the college on 19 May 2016 and met with the College Council, management and concerned parties on the matters raised.

(2) (a) The Department attended to and resolved all the matters raised, allocating R6.088 million to infrastructure, maintenance and security for all campuses as per the proposal received from the college:

Maluti TVET College Campus

Amount (R)

Bethlehem Campus

2 011 000

Bonamelo Campus

934 000

Itemoheleng Campus

436 000

Kwetlisong Campus

1 197 000

Main Campus

368 000

Harrismith New Building

1 142 000


088 000

The Table below summarise the issues and actions taken.



Maluti Students and Staff Memorandum

The Director-General and Deputy Director-General for TVET convened a meeting on 19 May 2016) with the Maluti TVET College students and staff.

Delivery of outstanding textbooks, protective clothing, tables and chairs

A total of 3 727 textbooks were purchased. Three campuses received protective clothing. 750 Tables and 850 chairs were ordered for three campuses.

Windows and doors should be fixed

Bonamelo’s doors and windows were fixed and the service provider was sent to other campuses to ascertain the need and fix where required. At the main campus, Kwetlisong, Lere la Tshepe and Itemoheleng doors and locks were fixed.

Water crisis

Water supply to each site was a serious challenge due to the drought. The Department of Water Affairs and Sanitation was approached on the matter. The college has managed was then able to source more water to truck to each site. The college also purchased its own water tanker to augment the current supply. In addition more water tanks were installed at each site

Lecturer vacancies due to natural attrition and maternity leave

College has filled lecturer vacancies and continues to do so as and when a need arises.

Students access cards

A service provider was sourced to print student cards for all campuses. All students have student cards.

Audit of all workshop at the college

An audit was conducted in line with the 2013 DHET Resources List. Computers and equipment have been bought for the workshops.

Library access (implementation plan)

Study rooms have been identified and availed while Student Support Service centres are planned to be built at campuses where there are none.

Temporary toilets to be procured

The toilets at Bonamelo and Sefikeng were fixed on the 20 May 2016.

Student Representative Council (SRC) induction

The SRC was inducted on 20 May 2016.

Feedback report on practical exposure of students to courses and workload of lecturers

The Principal will ensure that students are exposed to practicals. A meeting was held with the lecturers of Itemoheleng on 1 June 2016 and Bonamelo on 3 June 2016. The outcome of both meetings were that there was no lecturer who worked more than the maximum contact time of 25 hours per week.

Audit the college registration process and employ staff to focus on registration

An intensive audit of the registration process was undertaken and the outcome was that there is nothing wrong with the process itself. In fact, the campuses that implemented it correctly showed a reduction on time spent during registration.

Circular on criteria used in awarding bursaries to students

The guidelines were explained to students during the induction process.


(b) A forensic investigation was conducted at the college and finalised in 2016. The forensic report will be handed over to the College Council for further action.

(3) The college Principal has been providing feedback on a regular basis to staff.











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