Question NW2640 to the Minister of State Security

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09 December 2016 - NW2640

Profile picture: Bozzoli, Prof B

Bozzoli, Prof B to ask the Minister of State Security

Whether , with reference to this reply to oral question 259 on 16 November 2016, he has found that the high level of violence on our campuses is directly attributable to the alleged involvement of the specified non-profit organisations (NPOs) and political parties; if not, what this the position in this regard; if so, what are the (a) names of the (i) non-profit organisations and (ii) political parties and (b) full details of all funds allegedly being offered to students by the specified NPOs and political parties; (2) Whether the involvement of the NPOs and political parties is a matter of national security; is so, in each case, (a) why and (b) what plans has the Government put in place to deal with this matter of national security?


1. The question posed by the Honourable Member was answered during the Oral Questions session on 16 November 2016.

For the record, herewith reply provided:

Yes, government through its law enforcement agencies of the security cluster knows the context and the actors involved.

Government has positioned education as one of its apex priorities, and the issues raised by students are genuine and deserves the support of all of us.

However, in the right to protest, just like any other right, has obligations; it is not unfettered.

Section 36 of our Constitution provides for limitation of rights.

We thereof must condemn the violence and wonton destruction of property that we have witnessed as it is setting back the country and is impacting negatively on our planning trajectory and will be felt by many generations to come.

(a) The genuine struggle of students has been hijacked by certain NGOs who come under the guise of “humanitarian support” while they are wolves in sheep skin. In addition, certain political parties here have become opportunists and used this noble struggle for their narrow political agendas.

(b) Students have been offered various forms of “humanitarian support” in the form of funds, refreshments, logistic and legal assistance amongst other things, exploiting genuine struggles

The security services of this country have stabilised the situation in institutions of higher learning. Lectures were completed and exams are underway in some institutions. The criminal justice system is also processing those students who were arrested.

Education is a societal matter. Whatever difficulty and challenges that we are confronted with, we must know that these are not insurmountable. As the Freedom Charter taught, we must be in a position to sit down and resolve these through peaceful negotiations.

2. As per the doctrine of intelligence tradecraft, operational matters and plans are not discussed.

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