Question NW2252 to the Minister of Mineral Resources

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01 July 2015 - NW2252

Profile picture: McGluwa, Mr JJ

McGluwa, Mr JJ to ask the Minister of Mineral Resources

Whether (a) his department and (b) any entities reporting to him has paid out the remainder of any employee's contract before the contractually stipulated date of termination of the contract since the 2008-09 financial year up to the latest specified date for which information is available; if so, (i) what amount has (aa) his department and (bb) entities reporting to him spent on each such payout, (ii) to whom were these payouts made and (iii) what were the reasons for the early termination of the contracts in each specified case?


(a) (b) The Department and entities (Council for Geoscience, State Diamond Trader, Mintek, South African Diamond and Precious Metal Regulator and Mine Health and Safety Council) reporting to the Minister of Mineral Resources have never prematurely terminated the services of any employee who is on contract since 2008/ 09 to date. Therefore, has never had to make any pay out.

(i) (bb) N/A

(ii) N/A

(iii) N/A

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