Question NW2405 to the Minister of Transport

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28 November 2016 - NW2405

Profile picture: Hunsinger, Mr CH

Hunsinger, Mr CH to ask the Minister of Transport

What (a) are the full reasons for the recent erection of stop signs on the N12 between the R28 and R558 at Zuurbekom in the Westonaria Local Municipality in Gauteng, (b) traffic impact studies were undertaken (i) to ascertain the necessity for the stop signs and (ii) since the erection of the stop signs, (c) were the results of each of the impact studies in each case and (d) were the costs involved in erecting the stop signs?


a) The N12 West route from Naturena in Johannesburg to the Northwest Province border at Fochville has been identified as the most fatal major route in Gauteng. The intersections in the Zuurberkom area have been identified as the most hazardous locations (HAZLOCs) on the N12. The factors that contribute to the dangers at these intersections include the following:

  • Excessive speed on the N12, especially since the recent rehabilitation of the road. Traffic speed monitoring has indicated that almost 40% of vehicles are travelling above the speed limit of 80km/h in this area;
  • High volumes of long trucks and other slow moving traffic crossing the N12, especially in the areas adjacent to the silos;
  • The area adjacent to the N12 in the Zuurberkom area that is developing, resulting in high volumes of pedestrians and cyclists crossing the N12’
  • Reckless and inconsiderate drivers behaviours;
  • High accident rates and fatalities in the Zuurberkom area, especially after the completion of the road rehabilitation (the number of fatalities had more than doubled from 2015 to 2016)

The installation of 4way stops at these intersections has been identified as the most appropriate measure to address these problem at these stage. In the longer term the installation of traffic signals at these intersections will be considered.

b) (i) Yes, traffic studies, investigations and inspections were undertaken by the Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport and the Gauteng Department of Community Safety in consultation with the local law enforcement agencies as part of the West Rand Rims (road accident management system)

(ii) Yes, the situation is being monitored closely and regular inspections are being carried out.

c) The study confirmed the need for the 4-way stop and indicated the need for further measures such as overhead lighting, rumble strips and continuous traffic law enforcement in this area

d) No separate record of the costs for the instillation were kept as they were installed as part of the routine maintenance activities.

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