Question NW2346 to the Minister of Basic Education

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29 July 2015 - NW2346

Profile picture: Lovemore, Ms AT

Lovemore, Ms AT to ask the Minister of Basic Education

(1)With reference to her call for written submissions on the draft amendment regulations in terms of the South African Schools Act, Act 84 of 1996, pertaining to the national curriculum statement grades R to12, and specifically, the proposed insertion into the regulations of sub-regulation 4A(iD), requiring that mathematics be a compulsory subject choice in the event that any of the listed subjects are selected for study, (a) from whom was comment on this proposal received and (b) what was the content of the comment; (2) whether she has made a decision in respect of the proposal; if not, (a) why not and (b) what action will she now take with regard to this proposal; if so, (i) what decision has been taken, (ii) why was the decision taken and (iii) when will it be (aa) gazetted and (bb) implemented?


1 (a) 38 individual responses and 1 (one) group submitted proposals in this regard.

  1. S Pillay

2. Mr T Botha: Administrator: Life Sciences Member List

3. M Tekere: Geography teacher

4. Ms L Kroll: Brainline

5. P Esterhuysen, HOD Wykeham College

6. Ms L Rodwell: Holy Rosary School

7. N Simamane: Geography teacher

8. Mr KB Mbatha: Dwaleni High School

9. Ms M Mokoka: Limpopo Education Dept

10. Mr A Nxele: Eastern Cape Education Dept


12.Ms U Pillay: Geography teacher

13 CT: Ndwandwe

14. VT Miya: Amaphisi High School

15. Ms I Grimsell: St Dominic’s College

16. Ms E Haffajee: Maritzburg Muslim School for Girls

17. V Govender: Mountview Secondary School

18. Mr Provost: Pinelands High School

19. P Oosthuysen: Holy Rosary School

20. J Lucas: Holy Rosary School

21. B Blampied: Lady of Fatima Dominican Convent School

22. JC Steimann: John Vorster Technical School

23.  Ms S Wiese: GED

24. K Clover: Cedar House School

25. T du Plessis: Milnerton High School

26. A Davey: St Patrick’s College

27. M Smith: St Andrew’s College

28. Mr G Keats, Moderator for Geography

29. Mr B Hughes: Bridge House School

30. Ms J Brown Beaulieue: College:

31. Mr DA Collins: Teacher

32. Dr A Crowe: Lecturer at UCT

33. HL Janse van Rensburg: False Bay High School

34. Ms N Masurei: Pinelands High School

35. Ms M Blignaut: St Catherine’s

36. Ms S Webber: DSG School

37. Mr C Nowlan: Weston Agricultural College

38. Ms Anne Oberholzer: Independent Examinations Board

39. A group of Geography teachers in the Limpopo Province, comprising of 131 individuals.

1(b) Responses to the Government Gazette were as follows:

31 respondents are not in favour of the proposal, especially the coupling of Mathematics with Economics (2 respondents), Geography (24 respondents) and Life Sciences (7 respondents). Seven (7) respondents are in favour of coupling of Mathematics, Accounting and Physical Sciences; one (1) is in favour of coupling Mathematics with Physical Sciences only. One (1) respondent was in favour of the proposal of coupling Mathematics with all the listed subjects.

2. Not yet.

(a) The Minister is still considering the proposals and hence no decision has been taken yet.

(b) The proposals have been taken to relevant structures such as Heads of Education Committee for discussions and will then be considered by the Council of Education Ministers (CEM).

(i) No decision has been taken.

(ii) No decision has been taken yet.

(iii) (aa) The Minister will, after consultation with the Council of Education Ministers, pronounce the decision.

(bb) The amendments will be implemented in the month of January following the year of approval.

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