Question NW2359 to the Minister of Social Development

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30 June 2015 - NW2359

Profile picture: Waters, Mr M

Waters, Mr M to ask the Minister of Social Development

With reference to her reply to question 1818 on 26 May 2015, (a) what services were provided by the law firm for the R222 876.04 paid and (b) how was the law firm appointed?


(a) The law firm reviewed the outcome of the constitutional court judgment on the payment tender and the leakage of information to media houses.

(b) The law firm was appointed in terms of SASSA‘s Annual Procurement General Exemptions SASSA-12/10 which enables the Minister to appoint a commission of enquiry, special investigating units, forensic auditors and also to enable the Agency to procure services to seek legal opinion from Legal Firms without following the procurement process due to the sensitivity of the nature of the service.


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