Question NW2111 to the Minister of Health

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06 August 2015 - NW2111

Profile picture: James, Ms LV

James, Ms LV to ask the Minister of Health

Whether his department will provide the results of the surveys on patient satisfaction conducted in health facilities in 2014; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details?


  1. The Provincial Departments of Health have conducted patient satisfaction surveys in health facilities during 2014/15.2.
  2. Nationally 42% of public health facilities conducted patient satisfaction surveys during 2014/15 financial year;
  3. In total 1 810 334 patients participated in surveys at these facilities, and from these 1 377 851 patients were satisfied with services rendered at public health facilities.
  4. In addition STATSA conducts patients satisfaction surveys as part of the Annual Household surveys.


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