Question NW745 to the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans

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15 April 2016 - NW745

Profile picture: Groenewald, Dr PJ

Groenewald, Dr PJ to ask the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans

(1)Whether any theft of cables has taken place at the Sivermine Basis since 1 January 2011 up to the latest specified date for which information is available; if so, (a) when the theft occurred, (b) what was stolen during the theft, (c) what the cost of each theft was and (d) whether any transgressors have been apprehended in connections with each theft; (2) (a) for which periods communication from the land and at sea were cut off and (b) what measures have been instituted to prevent similar incidents; (3) whether she will make a statement about the matter?


1. (a) Four incidents of Cable theft occurred in the Silvermine area between 2012 and 2013.

(b) General items comprising mainly copper, were stolen

(c) Items stolen were valued at approximately R50 000-00.

(d) In March 2013 four suspects were apprehended by SANPARKS personnel icw the copper theft at the upper antenna farm at Silvermine and handed to the Muizenberg SAPS. They were later released by the SAPS when it was discovered that were all minors.

2. (a) At no stage was communications from land and sea cut off due to these incidents.

(b) Fences have been repaired in the upper antenna area and are in the process of being replaced in the lower antenna area. A camera monitoring and speaker warning system has been installed in the upper antenna area. Vehicle patrols have been stepped up. The SAN is attempting to acquire a wide area Intruder Detection System to increase monitoring and reduce response times in order to prevent future incidents of this nature.

(3) No

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