Question NW137 to the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans

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15 April 2016 - NW137

Profile picture: Krumbock, Mr GR

Krumbock, Mr GR to ask the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans

What are the (a) names of the members of the Ministerial Task Team appointed by her to effect a turnaround strategy for her department, (b)(i) terms of reference and (ii) time frames for the specified task team and (c) cost implications for employing the specified task team?



  • Steering Committee
    • Mr S. Majombozi
    • Ms S. Rabkin
    • Mr S. Sokhela
    • Mr S. Hamilton
    • Lt Gen (Ret) J. Nkonyane
  • Resource Panel (part time)
    • Ms S. Hlapolosa
    • Mr T. Kubu
    • Mr U.Abrahamse
    • Brig Gen (Ret) M.R. Fihla
    • Ms N. Motlhatlhane"
    • Ms N. Mkwanazi
    • Maj Gen (Ret) K. Mokoape
    • Mr D. Nadison
    • Dr S. Zikalala

(b) The turn-around strategy is to focus on the following areas: procurement; organisational structure of the Department; financial accounting and the legislative mandate in addition it has various work streams which deal with rolling out of benefits to military veterans.

e.g. 1)health and education,; 2, Policy development; 3 Cleaning up of the database.

(ii) The task team has been established from 01 September 2015 to 31 December 2016.

(c) The Steering Committee is paid on the basis of meetings bases on National Treasury determination which is amended annually.


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