Question NW425 to the President of the Republic

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12 April 2016 - NW425

Profile picture: Van Damme, Ms PT

Van Damme, Ms PT to ask the President of the Republic

(1)Whether The Presidency commissioned a background check on a certain person (name furnished), including whether the specified person has any previous criminal convictions; if so, (2) did it emerge that the specified person has a criminal record; if so, for which crimes had the specified person been convicted; (3) whether the specified person was sentenced to a prison term of one year or more without the option of a fine; if so, on what legal provision did The Presidency rely when it appointed the specified person to the Media Development and Diversity Agency Board?


On 03 June 2015 the National Assembly recommended that I appoint Mr Ntenteni as a member of the MDDA board. Acting on the recommendation I the appointed Mr Ntenteni on 19 June 2015.

The security screening that we undertook later revealed that he was convicted of culpable homicide in 1998. Following the results of the security screening I requested the National Assembly on 07 December 2015 to initiate a process of checking if Mr Ntenteni is suitable to be a member of the board of the MDDA.

I will be guided be by the outcome of the parliamentary process in this matter.

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