Question NW402 to the President of the Republic

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05 August 2015 - NW402

Profile picture: Lekota, Mr M

Lekota, Mr M to ask the President of the Republic

Whether at any stage during the lengthy and substantial security upgrade at his residence in Nkandla, he had requested either the Minister of Police or the Minister of Public Works or any government official to (a) meet with him, (b) inform him, (c) consult with him or (d) furnish him with progress reports regarding (i) plans and drawings for the security upgrade, (ii) estimated costs of each aspect of the upgrades, (iii) name and details of architectural firms to undertake the drawings and supervise the construction, (iv) name and clearance details of the contractors to do the work and (v) the length of time required for the completion of the project; if not, why not; if so, (aa) what official information did he receive at all stages of the security upgrade project and (bb) how did he respond to the information provided to him 2) Whether at any stage he had raised any queries as to why non-security upgrades were being constructed or provided for at Nkandla; if not, why not?


I set out in a detailed report to Parliament the facts and circumstances of which I had knowledge relating to the security enhancements at my Nkandla residence. The report is attached for ease of reference.


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