Question NW709 to the Minister of Police

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12 April 2016 - NW709

Profile picture: Mbhele, Mr ZN

Mbhele, Mr ZN to ask the Minister of Police

(a) On which of the specific grounds applicable under section 35 of the South African Police Service Act, Act 68 of 1995, as amended, was the former National Head of the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation, Mr Anwa Dramat, the subject of a section 35 discharge and (b) what are the further relevant details in this regard?


(a) Lieutenant General Dramat was discharged from the South African Police Service in terms of sect 35(b) of the SAPS Act (Act 68 of 1995)

(b) Further relevant details are as follows:

Lieutenant General Dramat through his lawyers requested the Minister of Police that he is desirous to vacate his post as the Head of the Directorate as provided for in Section 17DA (4)(b) of SAPS Amendment Act.

The Minister of Police allowed the request of the employee in terms of the powers conferred upon the Minister in terms of Sect 17DA (4)(b) to vacate his office earlier than the expiry of his tenure for reasons which the Minister deems sufficient.

The Lawyers of the Minister of Police and Lieutenant General Dramat’s Lawyers agreed that:

  • Lieutenant General Dramat be granted permission to vacate his Office with immediate effect.

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