Question NW704 to the Minister of Employment and Labour

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12 April 2024 - NW704

Profile picture: Bond, Mr M

Bond, Mr M to ask the Minister of Employment and Labour

Whether he will furnish Mr M S Bond with a (a) list and (b) full description of all events planned by his department to take place before 29 May 2024 in celebration of the 30 years of democracy in the Republic, including the (i) projected total cost or expenditure of each event and (ii) breakdown thereof in terms of expenditure for (aa) catering, (bb) entertainment, (cc) venue hire, (dd) transport and (ee) accommodation; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details?


The Department of Employment and Labour will celebrate 30 years of democracy, just like any government department. However, the celebration will be aligned with the Department's mandate. The Honourable Bond knows that the Department of Employment and Labour receives its funding through voted funds to implement its mandate.

The Department consistently have funds that are used to assist registered trade unions.

In the celebration of this important milestone, the Department is planning to leverage on the existing May Day commemoration to celebrate 30 years of democracy as a cost effective way. By aligning the celebration with May Day, the Department intents to reach a broader audience and generate greater awareness about the milestone of 30 years of democracy.

Simultaneously, the Department is planning build-up activities towards celebration of 30 years of democracy within its mandate and aims to utilise existing resources and budget allocations for these activities without attracting additional cost.

Given that May Day is an event that has been commemorated every year, the difference this year is that the focus is on celebrating 30 years of democracy, its cost is R R2 550 000,00


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