Question NW641 to the Minister of Employment and Labour

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12 April 2024 - NW641

Profile picture: Mkhonto, Ms C N

Mkhonto, Ms C N to ask the Minister of Employment and Labour

Considering that the Reimagined Citizen-Led Service Transformation of the Compensation Fund and the Unemployment Insurance Fund is led by an Acting DirectorGeneral and an Acting Compensation Fund Commissioner, what plan does his department have in place to ensure that individuals who will be appointed in the positions on fulltime basis will advocate, own and execute the plan successfully?


Indeed, Hon. Mkhonto, repositioning and restructuring of both Compensation Fund and Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) are essential and momentous. This is a project that needs to be carried through to its logical conclusion with zeal, verve and foresight.

We made Portfolio Committee on Employment and Labour and Hon. Mkhonto aware that in September 2021 we started an architectural review process which was intended to determine the fit for purpose of the Compensation Fund structure, systems, personnel capacity and processes to the mandate of this entity.

We also shared with the Portfolio Committee on Employment and labour the outcomes of the fit for purpose exercise that was completed in September 2023. Currently we are solidifying the setting up of the Project Management Office, which will be responsible for implementation of the recommendations, including setting up the new structure and recruitment of senior executives for the CF, including the Commissioner.

The reason that we are not approaching the filling of the two vacancies with haste is that we want to get individuals that are fit for purpose. Importantly, though they must arrive at an environment where formidable foundation has been put in place, and get into the moving train on its long journey, that has left the station and cannot make a U-Turn.

Furthermore, we intend that both the Department and Compensation Fund get the Director General (DG) and Commissioner respectively, who would have outside-in perspective, who think expansively in their consideration of the broader context, ambitious and who are able to cultivate agile team culture. They will have to excel in problem solving, planning and communicating. In addition, they must have fortitude to motivate, guide others and more importantly uphold strong ethical standards.

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