Question NW106 to the Minister of Transport

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26 March 2024 - NW106

Profile picture: Hunsinger, Mr CH

Hunsinger, Mr CH to ask the Minister of Transport

(1)What (a) is the nature of the association and or relationship between Road Accident Fund (RAF) and iHeart; (b) is the total amount of funding that was used from the RAF budget for the iHeart Festival event, if any, if none (c) other resources were made available, and (d) at what cost; what benefit/s, including complimentary tickets, did the RAF receive in exchange; (b) how was this applied; whether he attended the said event or received complimentary tickets, If so, how many? NW111E


a) There is no long term contractual relationship between RAF and Heart FM, the project was a once of agreement. It arises out of the Road Accident Fund (RAF) Strategic intervention of promoting road safety. The RAF has developed a strategy to identify and explore environments where road users are present. Music festivals have been identified as one of such environments.

A pilot project was implemented with Heart FM to implement this mandate, as a partner to educate the road users (Heart FM listeners) and festival attendees on the importance of road safety. As road users are engaged on these platforms, although they attend such events to have fun, they must be mindful not to drink and drive. They are strongly encouraged to stay safe on the road.

b) The total budget was R1 091 779.80.

c) On the day of the music festival, the RAF had activations, where RAF were educating the target audience on road safety. Twenty-four complimentary tickets were given to the Marketing team to carry out their work on the day of the event. No one else received tickets. On the day of the event, RAF were able to interact with 2,500 people. The RAF had access to 700, 000 listeners from Heart FM for a period of two weeks daily. The organisation also gained digital exposure through social media platforms as well as Heart FM’s as RAF co-branded during that period.

d) None

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