Question NW2274 to the Minister of Labour

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04 August 2015 - NW2274

Profile picture: Bagraim, Mr M

Bagraim, Mr M to ask the Minister of Labour

(a) What proposals for the revision of planning models for the inspection of valid work permits have been completed by her department, (b) how do these propose to protect vulnerable workers and (c)(i) when and (ii) where will it be published? NW2634E



(a)  The Department of Labour does not have a planning model for the inspection of valid work permits as this is a legislative responsibility of the Department of the Home Affairs and South African Police.

(b)  In its normal work aligned with granting of work permits the Department of Labour mere conducts inspections at work places to determine compliance with prescribed conditions of employment. Furthermore the Department notifies the Department of Home Affairs should it discover employees without valid work permits.

(c)  (i) N/A and (ii) N/A

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