Question NW3292 to the Minister of Transport

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09 November 2023 - NW3292

Profile picture: Lesoma, Ms RMM

Lesoma, Ms RMM to ask the Minister of Transport

What (a) is the significant objective of the 2023 October Transport Month that she launched on 29 September 2023 under the theme Siyakha and (b) does she expect to achieve?


a)  The October Transport Month Campaign is a flagship programme of the Department that is implemented every year to celebrate the achievements of the Department, its entities and provincial departments of transport, municipalities and other achievements of the sector. The campaign celebrates contributions that enable the realisation of government’s economic recovery objectives in the aftermath of the ravages of the COVID 19 pandemic, which we have achieved through transport infrastructure build and maintenance projects; this includes improvement of transport services delivered and we celebrate the innovation that improves efficiencies in the delivery of services and/or propels sustainable infrastructure build that is cutting edge, while, highlighting areas of success in transport safety and security, development of transport skills, jobs created and growing transport industries and enterprises.

The campaign also aims to influence perceptions towards the transport brand and deepen awareness of transport policies and plans.

b) Following from the above exposition, what we aim to achieve through the OTM Campaign 2023 therefore, is a better positioning of the department and its entities to the public and our stakeholders, where the positioning implies:

  1. Having fulfilled commitments to deliver transport infrastructure and services resulting in job creation and economic development;
  2. A strong brand with a service delivery track record and the will to attend to challenges;
  3. Increased awareness on the DoT’s programmes and improved public perceptions about our work across spheres and thus growing our credibility as capable of delivering on promises made;
  4. Increased awareness on the measures taken to improve safety and security across all modes of transport; and
  5. Demonstrating work being done to improve the public transport system towards better access, affordability, increased efficiency and reliability of services, and improving overall safety and security across all modes of public transport with better awareness of key policy decisions made to enhance services.

Secondly, the campaign will also have enhanced the direct unmediated interaction with stakeholders, mobilised society and consolidated social partnerships in our work. It will therefore enhance citizen-centred participatory interactions in mobilising social compacts and consensus while showing how we have enabled job creation and improved service delivery.

Thirdly, the campaign would have won over members of the communities, business, and civil society as transport brand ambassadors and it would allow for greater cooperation across all spheres of government.


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