Question NW1210 to the Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies

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19 May 2023 - NW1210

Profile picture: Kohler-Barnard, Ms D

Kohler-Barnard, Ms D to ask the Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies

With reference to the reply of the former Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies, Ms K P S Ntshavheni, to question 2364 on 21 July 2022, what (a) are the reasons that his department has chosen to redesign the Digitech website that was launched on 17 May 2022 (b) progress has been made in redesigning the Digitech website (c) features and improvements are included in the redesign, (d) will be the total cost of the redesign? (e) is the date on which the redesign is expected to be completed? NW1351E


I have been advised by the Department as follows:-

a) The old Digitech website did not meet DCDT specifications.

b) The site has been redesigned and is now live on

c) The security of the new Digitech site has been enhanced and new design has been implemented.

d) R 743 644.95

e) The redesign was concluded on 30 March 2023 and the site has now live.

Thank You.