Question NW996 to the Minister of Small Business Development

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28 March 2023 - NW996

Profile picture: Mathulelwa, Ms B

Mathulelwa, Ms B to ask the Minister of Small Business Development

Whether she has found that she makes meaningful contributions to the meetings of the Portfolio Committee on Small Business Development; if not, why not; if so, how does she achieve this if she only attends meetings of the committee for a mere three minutes, just to tick the attendance register and log out?


The meetings of the Portfolio Committee of Small Business Development are convened on Wednesdays at 09:30 which is the same time as the ESIEID Cabinet Committee or Cabinet Meetings. HE President Ramaphosa directed that Ministers need to prioritise the business of Cabinet over other responsibilities. However, to balance my Cabinet responsibilities and other responsibilities like those of Parliament structures I ensure that I split my attendance in these structures. Further, to ensure the department is responsibly and adequately represented in all structures we are legally obligated to, we divide our work with the Deputy Minister and the Director General and conduct pre and post briefing sessions on all engagements to share the information and prepare for those briefings with adequate information.



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