Question NW340 to the Minister of Small Business Development

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09 March 2023 - NW340

Profile picture: Mthenjane, Mr DF

Mthenjane, Mr DF to ask the Minister of Small Business Development

What (a) progress has been made in implementing the new organisational structure to reduce the high vacancy rate in her department and (b) are the details of the difference that the implementation has made to the recruitment process of her department?”


  1. Progress in implementing the new organisational structure to reduce high vacancy rate:
    1. Matching and Placement Framework was approved.
    2. Placement and Appeals Committee has been established and approved.
    3. Placement for all salary levels has been initiated:
      1. The implementation plan provides for the placement process to be concluded by end of March 2023 and official implementation of the new structure on 1 April 2023 to ensure business continuity in respect of implementation of the 2022/23 Annual Performance Plan.
      2. At present, the Department is still on track to finalise within this timeframe with the placement of Chief Directors finalised with no concerns raised. The placement of all levels finalised by the Placement Committee and placement of Directors is at present with the Minister for a decision and salary levels 2 to 12 will be routed to the Director-General for a decision.
    4. Thirty-six (35) posts advertised and/or initiated for filling since approval of the structure (1 September 2022:
      1. 1 Deputy Director-General.
      2. 5 Director posts (includes Private and Appointment Secretary).
      3. 12 Deputy Director posts
      4. 8 Assistant Director posts.
      5. 1 Business Analyst
      6. 3 Level 7 posts - 2 Human Resources Practitioners and 1 Supply Chain Management.
      7. 3 Level 5 posts - 2 Accounting Clerks and a Registry Clerk.
      8. 2 Posts in the Ministry (2 Food Service Aids).
    1. Fourteen (14) appointments and (9) interns since 1 September 2022:
      1. 1 Director: Human Resources Management (HRM).
      2. 5 Deputy Directors (Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Research, and Value Chain Support, HRM; and Performance Monitoring and Reporting).
      3. 3 Assistant Director (HRM; SMME and Policy and Oversight; and Demand and Acquisition [additional to the establishment])
      4. 1 Travel Coordinator (additional to the establishment).
      5. 1 Food Service Aid (contract).
      6. 1 Personal Assistant.
      7. 1 Private and Appointment Secretary to the Minister.
      8. 9 Interns (contracts).
      9. 1 Senior Internal Auditor.
    1. Three (3) Terminations from November:
      1. Director: Legal Services
      2. Director ICT
      3. Deputy Director: International Relations
  1. Impact to the DSBD’s recruitment process
    1. Vacancy rate reduced from 15.6% to 10.9% = 4,7% change in the vacancy rate.
    2. Appointment of a new service provider (recruitment agency) once the current contract of the existing service provider expires. Estimated due date of expiry is 31 March 2023 .



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