Question NW4611 to the Minister of Tourism

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19 December 2022 - NW4611

Profile picture: Le Goff, Mr T

Le Goff, Mr T to ask the Minister of Tourism

(a) On what date was the Tourism Transformation Council of South Africa (TTCSA) constituted, (b) what is the lifespan of the TTCSA, (c) how were members of the TTCSA chosen, (d) what is their mandate and (e)(i) what is the objective of the TTCSA and (ii) how will this be measured?


(a) The Department of Tourism has put transformation at the centre of its programmes since the promulgation of the Tourism B-BBEE Sector Code in 2015. The first Tourism Transformation Council of South Africa was formally known as the Tourism B-BBEE Charter Council, was appointed in 2012. The Council is appointed with representatives from civil society, tourism businesses and labour. In 2019/20 the name was formally changed to the Tourism Transformation Council of South Africa. A call for the nomination of new members to be appointed to the Tourism Transformation Council of South Africa (TTCSA) was issued publicly in the national newspapers on the weekend of 30 October 2022, including on 02 November 2022. The closing date for nominations was 30 November 2022.

(b) The lifespan of the TTCSA is 3 years.

(c) In accordance with the Amended Guidelines for Developing and Gazetting Sector Codes, issued under Section 9 of the B-BBEE Amendment Act, the Minister has the responsibility to appoint members of the Sector Charter Council to monitor transformation in the sector. According to Section 6 of the Act, members of the Council must represent different relevant constituencies including businesses (large and small), trade unions, community-based organisations, youth, academics and others. Criteria for nominees is published in the call for nominations. The Council should consist of not fewer than 10 and no more than 15 members.

(d) The TTCSA is mandated to:

  • Provide guidance on sector-specific matters affecting B-BBEE in entities within the sector.
  • Compile reports on the status of B-BBEE within the sector.
  • Share information with sector members, approved accreditation agencies, B-BBEE Commission, B-BBEE Presidential Advisory Council, the Line Minister and the Minister of Trade, Industry and Competition.
  • Monitor the implementation of the Amended Tourism B-BBEE Sector Code.

(e)(i). The TTCSA is appointed to encourage and support transformation in the Tourism sector in order to ensure inclusive growth. The Council monitors the implementation of the objectives of the Amended Tourism B-BBEE Sector Code. The Council also advises the Minister on transformation matters in both the public and private sectors.

(e)((ii). The TTCSA measures the state of transformation in the tourism sector by:

a) Conducting annual studies on the state of implementation of the Amended Tourism B-BBEE Sector Code in the five applicable elements including: Ownership; Management Control; Skills Development; Enterprise and Supplier Development and Socio-Economic Development.

b) Quarterly Reports submitted to the Minister on the business of the Council.

c) Hosting Transformation Dialogues and Roundtables.

d) Submission of adhoc reports as requested by the Minister


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