Question NW3980 to the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure

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10 November 2022 - NW3980

Profile picture: Sharif, Ms NK

Sharif, Ms NK to ask the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure

In light of the renovations undertaken by her department at the Protea Glen Police Station, including the holding cells, that started in 2016 and have been moving slowly and almost non-existent, thereby putting immense pressure on the specified police station, as they now have to travel a distance to other police stations to be able to use their holding cells, and also taking away time and resources that could be better spent within the Protea Glen precinct and the citizens they serve, what (a) are the reasons that the project at Protea Glen Police Station is taking so long and (b) is her department’s timeline to complete the renovations?


The Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure:

I have been informed that the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure (“DPWI”) does not have a registered project to renovate the Protea Glen Police Station including holding cells since 2016.

The only project for DPWI in the vicinity that went into construction relates to Sinkholes and Dolomite rehabilitation including cavity grouting, joint sealing and repairs of storm water canals. The project entailed the upgrading of Engineering wet services (Water, Sewer and Storm water reticulation), renovation and repairs of Roads and paved areas. Practical Completion on this project was achieved on the 25th August 2022.

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