Question NW2906 to the Minister of Water and Sanitation

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10 October 2022 - NW2906

Profile picture: Hendricks, Mr MGE

Hendricks, Mr MGE to ask the Minister of Water and Sanitation

(1)In light of the fact that there are about 10 000 water stands with water meters in the backyards of villagers in Bushbuckridge installed in 2018, (a) what are the reasons that the water (i) does not reach the taps and (ii) billing does not take place after four years since installation, (b) on what date is the 62 km asbestos bulk water pipe going to be replaced with steel pipe to reduce asbestos poisoning, (c) what steps are being taken to prevent 75% of water treated by water treatment plant being stolen by farmers, entrepreneurs such as car washing businesses who are bridging air water valves and by 60% of residents vandalising asbestos bulk water supply pipe and (d) on what date is it envisaged that the residents can expect an end to water rationing and 4-day zeros per week;


The Bushbuckridge villages have access to water through the Hoxane Water Treatment Works, Inyaka bulk water supply system and through boreholes. There are two boreholes, one of which has been decommissioned due to frequent vandalism.

(a) (i) The community does not have reliable access to water due to leakages caused by illegal connections, which results in the supply system not being able to cater for all villages. The municipality has implemented a rationing programme to ensure that all residents have access to water.

The water rationing programme has been communicated to all communities through ward councillors and any shutdowns that impact on the water supply are communicated timeously through the municipality’s communications systems.

(ii) The Bushbuckridge Local Municipality is currently in a process of data cleansing to verify all households where meters were installed for billing purposes. This process should be completed by the end of the current financial year so that billing can commence in the beginning of the next financial year (2022/2023). 

(b) The municipality is implementing a project to replace the asbestos pipeline with steel pipeline, it is anticipated that the project will be completed during the 2024/25.

(c) The Municipality is implementing its Water Conservation and Demand Management strategy (WCDM) and Water Services by-laws which are undergoing the process of gazetting. The municipality has initiated the procurement processes to appoint service providers.

The WCDM Strategy includes projects such as:

  • Installation of bulk flow meters to conduct water balance and to identify water loss hotspots
  • Purchase of leak detectors to detect leakages
  • Installation of reservoirs level controls valves to prevent reservoirs overflows
  • Installation of lockable valves chambers to prevent valves interferences, telemetry system to monitor pressures in the bulk network
  • Removal of illegal connections to reduce non-revenue water and improve water supply status

(d) The municipality is currently implementing a project to install an additional clear water pump at the Hoxane Water Treatment Plant which will increase the volumes pumped by the plant from 22 Ml/day to 31 Ml/day to the Ndonga Reservoir that supplies the villages. The Hoxani Bulk Water Supply Scheme project, which is due to commence at the beginning of 2023/24, will also improve water supply to the villages in Bushbuckridge when is completed.


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