Question NW3211 to the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture

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28 September 2022 - NW3211

Profile picture: Luthuli, Mr BN

Luthuli, Mr BN to ask the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture

(1) (a) How has his department prepared for the Netball World Cup in 2023 that will be hosted by the Republic in 2023 and (b) what are the financial implications of the plans and preparations for his department. (2) whether his department has offered any (a) financial and/or (b) other assistance to Team South Africa; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details. (3) whether there are any measures in place to encourage sports tourism leading up to the event; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details. (4) what steps is his department taking to promote local cultural events for an international audience. (5) whether his department has any partnerships with the Department of Tourism to promote local cultural events for international audiences and tourism; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details?


(1) (a) There is significant progress being made regarding the preparations. The following is progress on key delivery areas.

  1. The venue and seating layout plans have been finalized.
  2. Training venues have been identified
  3. Accommodation plans for teams have been finalized
  4. Accreditation and security plans are progressing well with the assistance of State Security Agency and SAPS.
  5. The Travel agency has been appointed.
  6. Transport plans for teams will be finalized once the announcement has been made of qualified teams that will participate in the Netball World Cup 2023.
  7. A Marketing agency has been appointed and is finalizing the following plans:
    1. A. International
    2. B. Domestic and
    3. C. Public Relations plans
  8. The official ball has been revealed and named (Kganya).
  9. Official Mascot (Letsatsi) was launched at the Africa Regional Qualifiers in Pretoria.
  10. The Timing, Scoring and Result system has been procured and evaluated including the umpire alert system.
  11. The title and first tier sponsors have been secured.
  12. First phase of ticket sales will go on sale at the end of October 2022 which will be the hospitality and tour packages.
  13. The draw will take place in November 2022 after the conclusion of Regional Qualifiers.
  14. On the 25 May 2023 we will receive the Trophy in KZN and begin the trophy tour in all Provinces.

(1) (b) The following are the financial implications of plans and preparations

Projected income:

  1. R196,673,798 which is made up of Public Funding, Sponsorship, Ticketing, Broadcast, Merchandising, Accommodation and Other Income.
  2. Projected Expenditure:
  3. R189,867,110 which is made up of Business Operations, Tournament Operations, Workforce costs, Legacy costs and Hosting Fees to World Netball.

Profit / Deficit:

(i) Currently NWC23 projects a profit of R7,414,017 against an original deficit budget of (R30,245,756)

2)(a) Yes, the Department is offering financial assistance to Netball South Africa. As part of the annual grant Netball Ball identifies areas that require support. (b) As part of growing netball and making the national team competitive the Department is implementing the legacy programme. Key element of the legacy programme is the roll-out of the netball courts in schools.

(3) Various netball specific and sport specific events are being used to promote the 2023 Netball World Cup. These include but are not limited to the Quad series which involves Australia, England, and New Zealand to encourage sports tourism which will be held in Cape Town. The Spar Diamond challenge which will be held in Durban involving Scotland and Zimbabwe will also be used to promote Sport Tourism.

The Trophy tour will take place in all provinces therefore generating domestic interest and domestic tourism. The broadcasting plan involves a thirty second tourism video, which will be played at the beginning of each live broadcast at various build up competitions. There is strong collaboration with Tourism South Africa to effectively encourage sports tourism.

The broadcast partners have committed to give the Host City / Country a sixty second video at the start of each match during the World Cup2023 which will be broadcasted to the global audience to promote tourism to the country beyond the World Cup.

(4). A sustainability village will be set up by South African Tourism at the venue which will promote local crafters. Cultural performances will be included throughout the event commencing with the showcasing of South African Arts Culture during the Opening and the Closing ceremonies. The Western Cape Province has also translated the Netball Rule book to IsiXhosa. This contributes to social inclusion, promotes indigenous language and access to the sport in the first language.

(5) The Department of Tourism is one of the Departments that are part of the Inter-Ministerial Committee on NWC2023 as approved by Cabinet. The Department of Tourism through Tourism SA are key in amplifying and promoting the World Cup in all missions abroad. South African Tourism will assist the appointed ticketing agency with the promotion and marketing of travel packages for the NWC 2023 and quality assure the packages for teams and visitors.

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