Question NW3162 to the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture

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28 September 2022 - NW3162

Profile picture: Mhlongo, Mr TW

Mhlongo, Mr TW to ask the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture

(1)Whether, with reference to the congress of the SA Football Association (SAFA), there is any litigation as at the latest date and/or envisaged in order to stop the congress; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, what is SAFA doing about mediation in respect of the issues to stop any pending or envisaged court action. (2) (a) what amount has been budgeted for the elective congress, (b) who will be presiding at the elective congress and (c) who are the members running for election? NW3874E


The South African Football Association (SAFA) has in their response indicated that they are unable to respond to this question as they state it may result in third party interference which they indicate is forbidden by FIFA and has dire consequences to the National Federation. See attached letter received from SAFA in this regard.

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