Question NW3119 to the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture

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28 September 2022 - NW3119

Profile picture: Joseph, Mr D

Joseph, Mr D to ask the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture

(1).Whether his department funded the indoor heating pool project at the Retreat Swimming Pool in Cape Town; if not, who did; if so, on what date (a) did the specified project start and (b) was it completed. (2). what (a) was the initial project scope and Memorandum of Understanding between Aquatics Swimming Clubs and Swimming South Africa and (b) is the reason that the indoor heating swimming pool is still operating with cold water. (3). what planning and budget are being considered to ensure that the new indoor swimming pool complies with competition and/or gala standards. (4). what are the reasons that the (a) showers are not accessible to swimmers, (b) cloakrooms are used for storage space and (c) steel seating structures in the cloakrooms are not covered with wood and/or plastic material. (5). what are the reasons that the complaints which were submitted to the SA Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee have not been attended to?


The provision and maintenance of Sport and recreation facilities is the constitutional responsibility of Local Government through the Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG) and the Metropolitan Municipalities through the Urban Settlement Development Grant (USDG).

My department is in contact with the Provincial Department and the City of Cape Town to get more details in terms of the project.

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